Whats It All About?

“Dark Horse Entrepreneur” is focused on those dark horses that want to start, restart, kick-start or start stepping up their business game… all with a personal development twist because we know that if your mindset is jacked your biz-set will get jacked

Who Is It For?

Driven entrepreneurs getting started, restarted & kick-started.  As well as accomplished business owners already cashing checks wanting to step it up, & cross that next finish line in first place.  You seeing the odds in everyone else’s favor? Feeling everyone betting they will not win, place or even show?  Are you committed to firing it up, figuring it out, and stepping you game,  win & gain the respect you desire, earned and deserve?  Then your in the right place my fellow Dark Horse!

Where Are We Going?

Gain the insights, tools, tips & techniques to start, restart, or kick start your passive income / brick and mortar business, while honing your personal development skills so you can prove your haters wrong.

Already Getting RAVE Reviews!

Here are a couple examples of the 5-Star Reviews The Dark Horse Entrepreneur is getting from fellow dark horses like yourself!

The Show Is Dope!

Tracy brings a lot of value here for Entrepreneurs – It’s in my library and should be in yours! – JCander2

Great Show!

Tracy brings the value with this show.  Great interviews, such great information! – TnToombs

“Dude you are a beast at this!”

“Fun Conversation”
“Enjoyed our chat!”

“Had a great chat!”
“Thank you so much for being on the [ Take The Leap] show!”

“A true pleasure to share the mic with you!”

“One of the best podcast interviews I have had”

“You Are Definitely A Trooper!”